• The Hotel "Les 3 Clés" was created in 1910 by the great-uncle of Marc Horgnies on the square in front of Gembloux station. At the time, the hotel had 22 rooms and 3 banqueting rooms.
    The hotel was expropriated and demolished in 1980 to make way for a railway tunnel in Gembloux.

  • The Horgnies family then created a new hotel at the intersection of the N4 and N29 main roads, at the "Croisée" crossroads, a location that enabled it to acquire an exceptional position in the heart of Belgium, with the benefit of easy access.

  • The Hotel "Les 3 Clés" is managed at present by Mr.Marc Horgnies and his son; this is a comfortable family hotel, where each member of the staff feels responsible, motivated and ready to help.
    Clients feel at home and are on friendly terms with the staff.
    The welcome is personal, and everyone's main concern is to satisfy the client.

Why "Les 3 Clés" ("Three Keys") ?

Because the coat of arms of Gembloux is a sable shield with three silver keys, topped by a count's coronet with thirteen pearls.
This indicates that the area around Gembloux was raised to the status of a county in the mid-16th century.

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